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23. May 2013 13:54
by Evitavonni


23. May 2013 13:54 by Evitavonni | 0 Comments

Our gardens need to be increasingly versatile - providing us with sociable, decorative and functional spaces where we can eat and drink, entertain, snooze in the sun, or simply enjoy the view. We greatly value our additional outdoor ‘rooms’ and are increasingly prepared to invest in quality furniture and features.

The latest designs in chairs, tables and sofas offer all the luxury good looks that we would expect in our living room but with added hi-tech materials designed to withstand the rigours of the British climate.

Behind the classically elegant lines and delicate curves of a Mackinnon and Harris sofa, for example, lies a meticulously designed and engineered high performance piece of industrial design. The aluminium frames have three protective coatings, with the marine top coating offering exceptional weather resistance with the highest level of gloss and colour retention.  Cushions are made using Sunbrella, a durable outdoor fabric which is resistant to fading and loss of strength. This quality of craftsmanship transcends fashion and will last a life time.

Other top quality brands available from evitavonni include Dedon, Kettal and Extremis.


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