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14. June 2013 14:48
by Evitavonni

Wall Art

14. June 2013 14:48 by Evitavonni | 0 Comments

Mosaic is fantastically versatile and rapidly moving out of the bathroom and kitchen into the hall, living room, study and beyond. Available in every conceivable colour; in stone, glass and marble; matt, shiny and sparkly; smooth and rough textures, mosaic tiles can be combined in an infinite number of patterns and styles to stunning effect.

The earliest discovered mosaics date back as far as 2500 BC but it was the ancient Romans who really embraced and elevated the art form.  They knew that the secret, as with many things, is to be bold. Forget the discreet border around larger plain tiles and go for complete walls and floors.

For mosaic installations at their glamorous best, look no further than the Italian masters Bisazza and Sicis, who combine Venetian glass techniques with modern technologies, to produce luxury mosaic murals for residential and commercial interiors as well as pools, spas and terraces. The colour combinations and the scale and complexity of their floral, fabric pattern and geometric designs are simply breathtaking.

Evitavonni stock a comprehensive range of mosaic tiles from both of these elite brands, all of which can be purchased by the metre and delivered to your home. In addition, we also offer measuring and installation services.

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