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21. June 2013 14:06
by Evitavonni

Blissful Bedding

21. June 2013 14:06 by Evitavonni | 0 Comments

There is nothing more relaxing than slipping between cool cotton sheets on a summer’s night. Fresh, new bed linen is also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your bedroom a new look.

Cotton grown in the Nile delta in Egypt has the longest fibres which produce the smoothest yarns and the most comfortable fabric. Egyptian fibres are also fantastically durable, less likely to ‘pill’ and feel luxurious time and time again, even after multiple washes.

The best bed linen is made in Italy: the cotton is woven and finished using numerous specialised techniques which result in an exceptionally luxurious handle.

Cotton percale is woven with the same number of threads in the warp and weft on the loom, resulting in a balanced weave which produces a strong fabric with maximum breathability to keep you cool. Cotton sateen is woven with an uneven number of threads in the warp and the weft which creates the characteristic beautiful sheen.

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