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28. June 2013 16:45
by Evitavonni

A Haven of Luxury

28. June 2013 16:45 by Evitavonni | 0 Comments

Personalised dressing and bathing spaces are an antidote to the more open plan reception areas found in many modern homes. Having a place which is totally yours, tailored to your every whim, is the very definition of modern luxury.

The dressing room is much more than a walk-in wardrobe. It’s a relaxing, feminine haven in which to start and end the day. To create a truly calming environment, go for a neutral colour palette. Incorporate subtle detailing such as richly textured weaves, jacquards and soft metallic yarns, through curtains, layered cushions and elegantly-draped throws.  Chandeliers and free standing lamps add extra personality and glamour.

 Neutral colours on walls and carpet contrast well with the dark wood wardrobe.
The dainty bench covered in a soft metallic fabric is super feminine. 


Lovely task and ambient lighting and delicate tonal shades in this bijoux space.

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